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Kovács Ákos

  Kovács Ákos (Budapest, 1968. április 6. –) Kossuth-díjas magyar dalszerző, zeneszerző, költő, Ákos néven énekes-előadóművész.

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Ákos - A remény figyel
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.23. 20:21
Megtekintve: 34903
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Ákos - All Is One
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.23. 20:18
Megtekintve: 34886
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Ákos - Amikor szerettél
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.22. 17:29
Megtekintve: 35059
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Ákos - Angyali szerető
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.22. 17:28
Megtekintve: 34941
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Ákos - Az éj felén túl (részlet)(nyitány)
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.21. 15:12
Megtekintve: 35140
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Ákos - Berlioz szerelmi vallomása: és (részlet)
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.21. 15:10
Megtekintve: 34974
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Ákos - Do We Bow?
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.20. 04:56
Megtekintve: 35031
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Ákos - Everyone Dancing
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.20. 04:52
Megtekintve: 35012
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Ákos - Fénykép
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.19. 19:30
Megtekintve: 35068
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Ákos - Főleg régen
Utolsó bejegyzés: 2017.01.19. 19:28
Megtekintve: 35044
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 2017. Január 20. 04:52  Ákos - Everyone Dancing
Megtekintve 35013 - Komment 0

Ákos - Everyone Dancing

Someone delivered a message so humble 
It's hard to believe it made our world tumble 
It said 'The times they are a-changing 
Out with the old and the aging 
However sad, dear God is dead 
The fear of the devil is yesterday´s fad!' 

Lights sweep across the ...         TOVÁBB >>

 2016. December 30. 18:40  Ákos - The Perfect Love (Gone Wrong)
Megtekintve 424 - Komment 0

Ákos - The Perfect Love (Gone Wrong)

Two kissing doves on the banner above 
The place's called The Perfect Love 
Open 24-7 
A bona fide mansion of man-made heaven 
That's where I saw you 
Go-go dance the whole night through 
Naked truth, naked and true 
Respecting no taboo 

I know I should've known better 
Maybe I said ...         TOVÁBB >>

 2016. December 26. 16:14  Ákos - Take It Or Leave It
Megtekintve 251 - Komment 0

Ákos - Take It Or Leave It

You know it all too well
You and I we walked through hell
And back from the waves
Of the sea of pain
We danced in the pouring rain
But saner mornings found us aghast
Musing upon the days of our past. 

Take it or leave it
That´s the way that we ...         TOVÁBB >>

 2016. December 21. 13:35  Ákos - Stranger
Megtekintve 315 - Komment 0

Ákos - Stranger

Caught in her reflection
I sense within those eyes
And I wonder should I approach her
Knowing she´s taken by surprise.

Minutes to go
Before my departure
Boarding Now
The message clearly displayed
There´s a move to be made.

Sips her last cappuccino
Stubs her cigarette out
There is something in her demeanour
Want to find out what she´s all about.

My head is ...         TOVÁBB >>

 2016. December 21. 13:10  Ákos - Secret Self
Megtekintve 319 - Komment 0

Ákos - Secret Self

Yes, I know it and you know it too
The night is nearly through
Cold lust is creeping through our bones
Despite the hearts of stone
You may not be the type I am after
Skin of alabaster
I´m a stranger, meaning nothing to you
Tonight you´ll do. 

You could be more than what this is
Shortly bodily ...         TOVÁBB >>

 2016. December 20. 21:46  Ákos - Rockstar
Megtekintve 336 - Komment 0

Ákos - Rockstar

Like a strong-out junkie 
On a desperation ride 
You run with the pack now 
Losing dignity and pride 

You should stay sharp 
'Cos the night is young 
In the Parasites' Paradise 
You gotta deal with the dealers 
And sugar-coat your lies 

Feather and tar 
Whiskey in your jar 
A convertible car 
A pretty face with a scar 
How well you've got it made 
You think you'll never fade 

You're just a whining rockstar 
Just a moaning rockstar 
You're just a hot-shot rockstar 
You're just a fucked-up rockstar 
A rockstar 

Big Daddy will help you out 
Should you be in need 
But could you ever satisfy 
You ever growing greed? 

You liked this lot but now it's not 
So much fun anymore 
Up to the hilt with pain and guilt 
As your wealth ...         TOVÁBB >>

 2016. December 17. 21:22  Ákos - Parody Of Shame
Megtekintve 310 - Komment 0

Ákos - Parody Of Shame

My belief is shaken, I can´t concertrate
We´ve reached the moment of no return
You´re bearing your soul like a head on a plate
I clearly still have a lot to learn.

Do I accept what you have to say
You´re sorry for all you have put me through
Nothing can change how you feel for me
God only knows what a man like me should do.

I told ...         TOVÁBB >>

 2016. November 16. 15:14  Ákos - Here Is The House
Megtekintve 1091 - Komment 0

Ákos - Here Is The House

Here is the house
Where it all happens
Those tender moments
Under this roof
Body and soul come together
As we come closer together
And is it happens
It happens here in this house

And I feel your warmth
And it feels like home
And there's someone
Calling on the telephone
Let's stay home
It's cold ...         TOVÁBB >>

 2016. November 11. 07:52  Ákos - Girl In The Café
Megtekintve 1225 - Komment 0

Ákos - Girl In The Café

Girl in the café
You wore all the jewels
Only Nature could think of
Girl in the café
You really pushed me to the brink of pain
To see such beauty
A pair of eyes just like a flash of light
I lost you
But I defrost you
>From my memory´s freezer
Every night

No you weren´t the love of my life
But I´m still missing you
No you weren´t the love of my life
And ...         TOVÁBB >>

 2016. Október 31. 19:13  Ákos - Damned
Megtekintve 920 - Komment 0

Ákos - Damned

I packed my bags this morning
Without a word of warning
The cold of winter in my heart

As I walk away from you
The hardest thing I'll ever do
A world of memories falls apart

Forever and a day
I prayed for the answer
I dreamed of the light 
A beautiful solution to make things right
But I´m damned if I stay here 
I´m damned if I run away
And If you ever tried to see what 
I showed you or hear what I say
I never would left you asleep where you lay
But I´m damned if I stay ...         TOVÁBB >>

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Kovács Ákos (Budapest, 1968. április 6. –) Kossuth-díjas magyar dalszerző, zeneszerző, költő, Ákos néven énekes-előadóművész.
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